The Massachusetts Consortium on Pathogen Readiness (MassCPR) offers a variety of resources for investigators at our member institutions (see the MassCPR Working Groups,  MassCPR Intranet and Resources Sharing, Funding, and Samples tabs) as well as resources available to the public (see the Events and Other COVID-19 Websites tab).

MassCPR Working Groups

MassCPR Working Group members have access to the MassCPR intranet. The website is updated regularly and is accessible only by those assigned to a MassCPR working group. Content includes shared and shareable resources, working group contacts and lists, non-public MassCPR Scientific Seminar recordings, as well as MassCPR event and working group meeting dates.

To request to join a MassCPR working group, please fill out this form.
MassCPR encourages those in the research community who need laboratory resources for planned experiments to post a listing here and those who are willing to share available assets needed by laboratories to post a listing on this page. If you are a member of a MassCPR academic institution and have marketplace items to post in the “I Have” or “I Need” section and need access, please request a MassCPR Resources Access Account using this form.

MassCPR Intranet and Resource Sharing

Please note that you will need to be a member of a MassCPR Working Group or member institution in order to have access to the MassCPR Intranet site.

Current working group members have access; login credentials were sent to the email address we had on file in July 2020. If you have joined a working group more recently, you will have been sent an email with login credentials where your request was processed. If you are a member of a MassCPR academic institution and need access please request MassCPR Resources Access Acount using this form. If you have questions about the Intranet, please contact

MassCPR encourages the research community to access our internal resource sharing site. Those who are willing to share available assets needed by laboratories can post a listing on the "I have" page. Those who are seeking resources can post on the "I need" page

Additional resources and content will be made available on the Intranet in the future.



MassCPR and Member Institution Resources

Access to Samples: Any investigator affiliated with a MassCPR member institution may request Covid-19+ biospecimens to support their research. For information about this resource, including the request form, please visit the MassCPR Sample Sharing page.


Other COVID-19 Websites