MassCPR Donor Honor Roll

On March 2, 2020, HMS Dean George Q. Daley convened a meeting that brought together key physicians and scientists across the commonwealth, joined by colleagues in China via videoconference, to organize a formal, integrated effort to confront the COVID-19 pandemic. There Daley shared the details of China Evergrande Group’s planned commitment to fund separately Harvard and the Guangzhou Institute of Respiratory Health (GIRH) to advance research on the scale and scope needed to meet this extraordinary challenge. The Harvard-led Massachusetts Consortium on Pathogen Readiness (MassCPR) was born.

Now a multi-institutional collaboration, MassCPR encompasses hundreds of researchers, physician-scientists, clinicians, and public health experts representing world-leading academic, hospital, biopharma, and public-health institutions based in Massachusetts. They are joined by collaborators at GIRH and Tsinghua University in China, and throughout the crisis have consulted with colleagues in Italy, Germany, and India. The consortium’s shared goals are twofold: To turn the tide of this current pandemic and to create a rapid-response system to address future health crises.

Funding for MassCPR has also grown, and we recognize and thank those donors here for their critical support. Sixty-two high-impact research projects have been funded as of July 2020 to address the most pressing needs of the pandemic.

At this time, when the need for urgent and sustained action is critical, MassCPR is grateful to the many individuals, foundations, organizations, and companies that have generously committed resources toward accelerating our research. Thank you to all those listed below who have given generously to support MassCPR.


Founding Donor

China Evergrande Group


Lead Benefactors ($1 million or more)

Fondation Bertarelli/Ernesto Bertarelli, MBA ’93

Nancy Lurie Marks Foundation

Massachusetts Life Sciences Center

Lisa H. Schwartz, Mark Schwartz, AB ’76, MBA ’78, MPP ’79, and Enid Schwartz

Anonymous (2)


Partners In Discovery ($100,000 or more)

Howard Cox, MBA ’69

Margaret A. Hamburg, AB ’77, MD ’83, GSA ’78

Stephen A. Kahn, MD ’98

David C. Ott, MBA ’92, and Jane Ott

Leonard D. Schaeffer


Friends of Innovation ($1,000 or more)

Helen M. Blau, AM ’70, PHD ’75

David C. Bush, MD ’69, and Louise Bush

David E. Golan, AB ’75 and Laura Green

JESY Foundation

Amy Lai, AB ’88, MD ’92 and Eugene C. Tsai, AB ’87, MD ’93    

Jeffrey Leerink

Peter S. Lynch

Mark Miller

Ingrid L. Ott, MD ’90

Robert L. Parsons, MD ’55 and Beverly C. Parsons

Robert L. Parsons, MD ’55

Barbara and Louis Perlmutter

David Spiegel, MD ’71

George F. Welsh, MD ’66

Mary Lynch Witkowski, AB ’96, MBA ’01, MD ’11

David J. Zaleske, MD ’75


Contributors (up to $1,000)

Ms. Carol C. Andrews

Dan H. Barouch, AB ’93, MD ’99 and Fina C. Barouch, MD ’99

Philip E. Blazar, AB ’86, MD ’90

Brewster Foundation

Judith A. Brice, AB ’67, MD ’71

Robert A. Brooks, MD ’55

Sheila Marie Calip-Coleman and Basilio Coleman

Donna Carleton and William Carleton, MD ’66

William M. Carleton Revocable Trust

Laura Ethel Chiel, MD ’15

William M. Clark, MD ’71

Jeffrey Marcus Cohen, MD ’15

Raquel E. Cohen, MPH ’45, MD ’49*

Janie Magana Cordell and Nolan K. Cordell, MD ’85

Bridget King Crooks, Esq. and Gary W. Crooks, AL MD ’81

Amol N. Doshi, MD ’97

Ms. Julia S. Faber

Matt Finnie

Paul N. Foster, MD ’94

Harold M. Frost III, PhD

Brian Seth Fuchs, AB ’04, MD ’11, and Doreen Fuchs

Deborah Geismar, AB ’78, MD ’83

Thomas J. Gill III, AB ’53, AM ’57, MD ’57

Elizabeth C. Glass, MD’ 01 and Andrew Martin Glass

Lauren O. Glickman, AB ’90, MD ’94

John C. P. Goldberg

Margaret E. Hegg, MD ’72

David N. Helman, MD ’95

Herbert Hudnut Jr., MD ’57

Junhee Hur

Bengt L. Ivarsson, MD ’85

Ajeya P. Joshi, MD ’96

Stephanie J. Kopp

Lakshmi Devi Nelson Lattimer, MD ’06

Nancy B. Lazarus, MD ’76, and David Siegel, MD

Leerink Family Foundation

Carol A. Locke, AL MD ‘86

The Lynch Foundation

Sandra Madrid, MD ’76, MPH ’76

Joan L. Martinez, MD ’66

Mark Miller

Randal Moore

Bita H. Nasseri, MD, and Shawn S. Nasseri, MD ’95

Phoebe L. Olhava, MD ’00

Majd Oteibi

Marie E. Pasinski, MD ’86, and Roger C. Pasinski, MD ’78

Georges Peter, AB ’59, MD ’64

Jon M. Portis, MD ’81

Donald W. Putnoi, MD ’67

Lois Narwitz Resnick and Robert H. Resnick, MD ’55

Meryl S. Rosofsky, MD ’93

Kenneth O. Rothaus, MD ’75

Naveen Kumar Salutagi

Jacey and Timothy Shumaker

David Siegel

Dr. Richard L. Soffer, MD ’58

Carolyn Stafford Stein and Eric H. Stein, MD ’86

Nancy J. Stoller and Ronald G. Stoller, MD ’71

Haofeng Edward Tang

Richard R. Thornton, MD ’60

Katherine Frasdilla Tyler

Audrey Shiuan Wang, MD ’08

Dana J. Weinkle, MD ’80

Elizabeth F. Wise, MD ’78

Yifan Yang, MD ’08

Dr. David J. Zaleske, MD ’75

Barry R. Zitin, MD ’73, and Melinda K. Zitin, MD ’73


In-Kind Supporters


FormAssembly Inc.



* Deceased

Updated May 31, 2021